For cattle owners, the biggest expense is buying fodder for their animals. Additionally, manufacturing the fodder ends up taking a lot of space. The Siddhagiri Matha understands this problem and is striving to address it as well. The Matha has invested in a unique Hydrophonics machine. This device specialises in making fodder without blocking too much space.

The machine takes input in the form of Maize, Bajra, Wheat and Jowar which are mixed in pre-decided percentages to generate healthy and nutritious fodder for the cattle. Rich in vitamins, this fodder nourishes your cattle and at the same time improves the production of milk. The fodder manufacturing process is easy and takes little time.

This machine is extremely helpful for the farmers in the region that is draught prone. It supports them in their fielding endeavours and also motivates them towards cattle rearing. Thanks to the fodder production machine, the farmers are able to make more profit. Each unit is capable of producing up to 1000 kilograms of fodder. This is just one of the many initiatives operated by the matha to serve the members of the farming community and contribute towards improving their living standards