The matha has a huge ghoshala with many native breeds and hundreds of cows. To prserve the Indian breed of cows, the matcha established the ghoshala of 600 cattle. Old, unwanted, sick and crippled animals are also adopted and served at Siddhagiri ghoshala. This preservation of Indian breed of cows is indispensible for the health of human beings and for the health of land and the enviroemenet. Swamiji has also intercepted conyoys of trucks taking cows to buthers shop. He takes these animals and gives them a shelter in the siddhagiri goshala. The matha is an inspiration for cattle rearing. A lot of Indian breeds like Khilar, Sahiwal and Dangi are protected in the ghoshala.

Swamiji himself serves the cows early in the morning. He performs and monitors all the sctivities including sweeping, milking, washing cattle etc. To monitor ghoshala activity on a daily basis, swamiji has started living in ghoshala.

As the cows are of indegeneous breed, their products such as milk and even urine are also in many medicinal products, like Panchgavya, Gomutra and Gomay which have proved to be panache for many incurable diseases. Swamiji claims that the use of these products increases immunity and reduces chances of diseses. Products like gomutra ark, massage oil, deshi cow ghee, bathing soap, ear and eye drops, tooth powder, beauty rpducts like shampoo are produced at ghoshala.

With a view to preserve Indian breeds and cows, swamiji has started exhibition of Indian cows, Go bank and Go Parikrama.

In India, cow is not considered as a mere animal but a sacred gift from God. It is respected and treated as the mother all across the country. And with an idea to protect and preserve the Indian breed of cows, the Matha established Goshala that takes care of around 600 cattle of Khilar, Sahiwal and Dandi breeds. Even old, unwanted, sick and crippled cows are adopted and given proper treatment and good care.

Believing that preservation of Indian cows is crucial for the health and wellbeing of humans, land and the environment, Swamiji himself serves the cows. To ensure the service to cows is done in a proper manner, Swamiji now resides inside the Goshala. He monitors and performs activities like sweeping, milking and washing cattle. Fulfilling his promise of protecting the cows at any cost, Swamiji has intercepted convoys of trucks taking cows to the abattoirs. He takes the rescued animals with him and shelters them in the Goshala.

Swamiji firmly believes that milk and urine has medicinal properties. And their regular use can improve immunity and reduce the spread of diseases. Medicinal products like Panchgavya, Gomutra and Gomay have proved to be elixir for incurable diseases. Offering the world a healthy substitute for medicines, the Goshala produce many products like gomutra ark, massage oil, deshi cow ghee, bathing soap, ear and eye drops, tooth powder and beauty products like shampoo.

The Goshala even conducts exhibitions of Indian cows namely Go bank and Go Parikrama to help spread the awareness about the importance of cows and their preservation.