Lakhpati Sheti

At the Siddhagiri Matha, our firm belief is that the land is our goddess for she gives us food to eat. We operate a special greenhouse project where the matha volunteers assist farmers in growing organic food. This aids in making the villages self-sufficient and also ensures that they consume healthy food. As part of this scheme, the matha operates a lakhpati sheti. Those who enrol for this project are allotted one acre land. They are then given all the required assistance to grow food on this allotted land. For instance, the matha provides fertilisers, bulls, etc. required to plough the fields.

According to a research, the one acre of land is capable of growing 108 varieties of crops. The matha will also provide the seeds and all the other required support. Through this initiative the matha helps people live independent lives and develop the concept of sustained as well as healthy living. Additionally, this also ensures that the forgotten farming practices which are healthy and fruitful are passed on from one generation to another. The earnings generated through the land become income for the farmer. Till date, the matha has helped thousands of farmers earn better through this scheme.