Adarsh Gram Nirman Abhiyan

When people think about village, the first thing to come to mind are dusty roads, poor infrastructure, and even dirty surroundings. Siddhagiri Foundation’s Adarsh Gram Nirmana Abhiyana plans to change this perception regarding rural India. From educating the villagers regarding the importance of cleanliness to maintaining the villages and supporting them in every possible way to achieve this target, the Adarsh Gram Nirmana Abhiyana project covers several aspects. So far, the project has helped several villagers improve their surroundings.

The volunteers work with the village people undertaking, tree planting projects, cleanliness missions, educating seminars, employment projects, and a lot more that in turn contribute towards improving the way of living on the whole. This project also focuses on improving the hygiene standards in the rural areas that helps to eliminate the root cause of many types of diseases. Since villagers are involved with the project, right from its inception, they develop a stronger connect and contribute towards propagating the cause.

The spread of the project is across villages in Mumbai, New Mumbai and several areas of the Konkan belt as well. Adarsh Gram translates to mean the idea village which is defined by its ability to maintain a self-sustained eco system. This is the vision that the foundation has adhered to in order to uplift the standards of living for the rural community.