Religious Activity

At the Siddhagiri Math, hosting religious activities is an integral part of the daily routine. The series of religious activities hosted are in accordance to the principles laid down Mathadipatis. These religious activities serve as a platform for people to interact, connect closely to their community and also understand the origin as well as importance in their daily life. Amongst the many festivals that the volunteers of the Math celebrate Shravan Week, monthly Purnima, Guru Aradhna and a lot more. The festivities include religious discourses on matters of spiritual importance, celebrate the magnificence of the lord with song, dance and distributing prasadam.

On an average, one lakh devotees participate in the religious activities hosted by the Matha. These participants include people from villages in Maharashtra, Karnataka and even Goa. The Math volunteers regularly conduct satsang programs in the neighbouring villages to spread the word of the Lord and promote righteousness as a way of life. Programs also include workshops on various subjects of religious and social importance that are aimed at increasing awareness amongst the people and also helping them develop a closer connect with their creature. These programs also help in propagating the values and practices of the Matha amongst the common people.