Palak Jagrana

Along with Padya Pujan, the Matha also started the tradition of Palak Jagran, which is seen as a fello scheme helping Padya Pujan. In palak Jagran, it is the parents who are instructed into the art of bringing up children and giving them value education, good sanskaar. The Matha thinks thinks that the two schemes of Padya Pujan and Palak Jagran are complimentary to each other as one targets value education in children, while other targets the parents who are in the position to give sanskaras. A lot of villages and individuals have benefitted from it.

In Padya Pujan, the parents are taught the art of child upbringing. They are instructed to impart values education or good sanskaras to their children. The Matha believes that Palaka Jagran and Padya Pujan are complimentary initiatives. As one targets teaching value education in children whereas the other focuses on inspiring parents to give sanskaras to their children. The initiative has benefitted many individuals and villages.