About Hospitals

Siddhagiri Hospital & Research Center was established in 2011 with the aim to provide excellent medical facilities for the holistic well-being of unprivileged segment of rural areas. This multi-specialty hospital is located at Kolhapur, Maharashtra. It was conceptualized and founded by 26th Mathadipati (head), Shri Kadasiddheshwar Maharaj. The successor of SHRC Shree Adrushya Kadasiddheshwar Swamiji is now preserving this Nobel work with his continues endeavor and brock guidance.

Spread over 17 acres, SHRC is blessed with clean environment and natural beauty of Kaneri Math, which ensures lung-full of breath and better health. The serene beauty of the place gives immense pleasure to patients and closeness to nature makes treatment more effective. Away from pollution of the city SHRC is located in the clean environment, and its fresh air rejuvenates the body and soul. Ready to accommodate more than 300+ patients SHRC is equipped with state of art medical devices, skilled staff and doctors who are most eminent Indian

medical professionals.Our team of specialists and surgeons are available 24/7 to handle all medical emergencies beyond the financial barriers. Although SHRC is ready to handle all sort of medical emergencies, it is renowned for treating Skin Diseases, Paralysis, Stomach Diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Infertility, etc. at affordable cost.
Siddhagiri Hospital & Research Center is philanthropic institution and works on the basis of “no profit no loss”. Therefore, it caters to the need of people from every segment

irrespective of their financial or religious background. Since Siddhagiri Hospital & Research Center emphasis on holistic well-being it ensures that people with weak financial background must have access to international level medical facilities at affordable price. Siddhagiri Hospital & Research Center also has a dedicated “charity wing” which, works under corporate social responsibility (CSR) section. This wing ensures that every person who needs medical help should get it at nominal fees.

Siddhagiri Hospital & Research Center promises you to provide international standard medical facilities and better health without letting you worry about money.

Let’s join the hands and make our world healthy.