Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation

Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation” established in the year 1998 with a vision to convert the spiritual thinking into well being of society. This foundation works as the hub for various social activities carried out to better the lives of people from all sections of the society. It aims to take humanity to the next level.

The foundation is continuously working towards creating awareness and encouraging people to participate in various activities for social benefits. These activities are now spread across Mumbai, New Mumbai, Konkan and Goa.

Following are the list of activities undertaken by "Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation":

  • Health facilities are offered by Siddhagiri Hospital & Research Centre on a wide scale
  • It has set paradigm in educational field by offering free education in rural areas and remote areas. These facilities are open for one and all
  • Free education facilities are provided to underprivileged girls
  • Food for all by “NirantarAnnachhatram” Scheme
  • Rehabilitation of environment –The foundation undertaken several initiatives for the betterment of our environment

The main objective of the Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation is to help and support poor and needy people to lead their life in a better way and help them rise above the poverty line. We offer education facilities to those children who are interested in education but cannot afford educational expense due to their economic, social and family barriers. We help people with three basic needs of the life that is food, clothing and shelter.

The foundation takes care of all day needs of every child under their umbrella. The day starts with yoga practice that provides vital energy to stay fit and refreshed throughout the day. The children are provided with nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are teachers and other staff to look after the children’s need and requirement. Their education is done inKadsiddheshwar High school. This is not all, the kids are also given exposure to extra circular activities including but not limited to sports, music, yoga, dance etc.

  • Siddhagiri GurukulFoundation (SGF) is supporting Primary and Secondary School at Kaneri, District of Kolhapurand imparting education to poor students from the nearby villages
  • SGF is also promoting a Primary-Secondary School at Sangameshwar District, Ratnagiri
  • SGF has been adopting deserving students from the neighborhood villages every year, who have no source to mitigate the educational expenses
  • SGF has been felicitating the scholar students from X, XIIand Graduation level among the devotee families and villages around the Math
  • SGF regularly conducts BAL-CHETNA and YUVA-CHETNA courses, which are helpful for personality development. These courses train the youth to become a responsible and patriotic citizen