Anand Ashram

At Siddhagiri Matha, we are guided by the mission of educating the children of the country who will decide the course of future. Anand Ashram is an initiative wherein children who are keen to study but are unable to do so because of the lack of opportunity, financial backing, and a host of other reasons. These children can come here to seek education. Currently, the project is operational is Kaneri and Parali Sajjangad at Satara helping young children pursue their dreams. The children are provided holistic educational training and contribute towards their transformation into a thorough professional.

The Ashram ensures that children get educational training, co-curricular activities, personality development classes and all the other things that help them acquire the required knowledge as well as skills. The matha volunteers conduct all the classes. In addition to the scientific education, the training also includes traditional subjects, coaching on performing arts, etc. This creates a blend of academic training and co-curricular activities that makes learning more fun for the students. The training facilities also include meals for all the students which takes care of their requirements as they pursue their dream to be educated. These facilities give the children the much needed happy childhood that they deserve.