• God realization is the ultimate goal of life. Swamiji emphasizes on implementation of practical vendant. It is modern in the sense that the ancient principles of Vedanta have been expressed in the modern idiom; it is universal, that is, it is meant for the whole humanity; it is practical in the sense that its principles can be applied in day-to-day life to solve the problems of life.
  • Sustainable organic farming system is to be developed.
  • Integrated rural development is the key to overall development of India. Swamiji aims to adopt more than 30 villages to transform them into ideal villages.
  • The virtuous personalities should gather together which normally does not happen whereas the vicious people are always together. United power of good people will create miracles. Based on this thought process, Swamiji intend to celebrate the mega event at Kolhapur – Bharat Vikas Sangam, which is a summit of such pious and virtuous people.
  • Nowadays, affection towards Indian culture is gradually diminishing. It is very dangerous that our own generations will ruin the roots of this soil. To get rid of this situation, Swamjij built Siddhagiri Museum which rememorizes the golden days of India and spreads the sense of patriotism.
  • Food is the basic necessity of life but the fact is that hundreds of people die daily just because of starving. Swamiji started the ‘Nirantar Annachatra’ – Free food serving center at Kolhapur.
  • Go-mata , holy mother Indian cow is on the way to extinction. If Indigenous breeds of cows are saved and preserved, current generation’s health, soil quality can be improved.
  • Ultramodern healthcare facilities are essential at rural side. Swamiji established Siddhagiri Hospital and Research center which is 200 bed allopathic and 50 bed naturopathy hospital.
  • To develop villages as Yog-Gram. Every single person must emphasize on Yog-Sadhana.
  • To increase the usage of non-traditional resources.
  • Young generation should not only be academically genius but also it should have multifold personality. At one side young ones should be equipped with modern science; on other hand they should spiritually, health wise sound enough. Swamiji intends to prepare such generation which will lead today’s India. In order to accomplish this mission, Swamiji arranges Yuva chetna and Bal chetna shibirs.


  • The ultimate aim of human life is to gain the knowledge of self realization. To attain this ultimate happiness and to spread the idea of the potential divinity is the main mission of Siddhagiri Math.
  • Preservation and enrichment of the Indian culture by means of thoughts and actions is another mission of Siddhagiri.
  • Swamiji aims to preserve pure breeds of indigenous breeds of cow.
  • Swamiji conceives that everybody must get healthy diet. Every individual should live healthy and disease free life.
  • Practical Vedanta is the only way to serve the society. This awakens the sense of social and spiritual responsibilities.
  • Consequently this sense imparts the vision of brahma i.e. one starts looking at every individual as god itself.