Siddhagiri Math is one of the most important religious and tourist places of Kolhapur. It is located in Kaneri village, Karvir Taluka of Kolhapur district Maharashtra, about 10 km to the south Kolhapur city. It is known as “Dakshin Kashi”, where the famous Mahalaxmi Temple is located. The history of the sacred place is more than 1400 years old. In the seventh century the place was surrounded by deep forest. Many great saints came and meditated here. In Kannada ‘Kad’ means forest and sanyasins staying in forest were called as siddhapurush. Thus this ancient and magnificent temple also got the name as “Kadsiddheswar Matha”, some of the Sadhakas who did their sadhana at this place stayed at Matha and most of sadhaks canvassed all over India and established Mathas. As of now there are 300 branches of the Matha.

At present his holiness Shri Adhrushya Kadsiddheswar Swamiji as the 49th Mathadhipathi , is running the Matha very efficiently with his versatile personality. Siddhagiri Matha is not only important to its immediate followers but it has made a difference in villages and towns all around Kaneri, Kolhapur. It has achieved many milestones in social service and continue t o do so, with its varied activities and projects, Siddhagiri Matha has created a distinct images amongst the society during the tenure of the present Mathadhipati.

The beauty of the administration of the Matha is that it uses the services of the volunteers and it also hires experts wherever needed